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Introducing SPACE2 Intelligent Eco-cabins

By Space2 Cabins

Introducing SPACE2 Intelligent Eco-cabins

A new range of environmentally friendly portable cabins made from recycled plastic bottles is designed to withstand the harshest of New Zealand conditions.
The result of years of research and development have culminated in a small Waikato based company called Space2 producing a range of eco-friendly cabins, each made from more than 15,000 recycled plastic bottles. The cabins are also built 330% more energy efficient than a cabin built to building code, and so strong they can confidently be placed in earthquake and extra high wind zones. They feature designer interiors and are ideal as backyard studios, holiday baches or luxury accommodation.
Space2 intelligent eco-cabins are the brainchild of Craig Pollard, an experienced construction manager and entrepreneur who lives in Karamu in the Waikato.
“For many years I worked in construction, assessing buildings and managing repairs for insurance companies, “says Craig. “I saw that building systems needed to be simpler and more sustainable, the materials better performing and more recyclable. I wanted to find a building system that was both robust and environmentally friendly. We offer that solution in our range of engineered and architecturally designed cabins.”

The result, launched on January 27th 2021 is, SPACE2, a range of intelligent eco-cabins sized from 10 square metres to 30 square metres, a variety of choice as luxury holiday baches, peaceful workspaces, stylish sleepouts or for whatever creative space you desire. The cabins are built and fitted out locally in the Waikato region and can be transported anywhere in New Zealand.
“Our cabins offer a new dimension to the cabin market as they are quiet, safe, use superior materials and are beautifully designed,” says Craig. “They are built for ultimate durability, thermal efficiency and strength, with an earthquake-proof exoskeleton and high-density insulation, triple-glazed windows and doors, and marine grade paint and fastenings. Every single component is designed for superior strength, longevity, and thermal performance. They are built to tackle the harshest weather conditions and demands of New Zealand living.”
“A SPACE2 portable cabin provides the occupants confidence they are safe in any environment, while our premium insulation and triple glazing deliver the quietest, most comfortable living experience you could imagine, whether located in the inner city, at the beach or in the wildest parts of New Zealand.”
Owners of a SPACE2 eco-cabin can be sure that their new studio or bach is indeed eco-friendly. The company's business model ensures a massive reduction in the carbon footprint of each cabin, and environmentally friendly products and recycled materials are used to create a designer space ready for furnishings. All interior finishing products are solvent-free and made with natural ingredients and, of course, the cabin's thermal properties ensure minimal need for artificial heating and cooling, lowering energy consumption.
SPACE2 eco-cabins are now being made to order. With a variety of customisable options, they can be connected to local services or tailor-made with full off-the-grid packages. Space2 brings transparency to the costs of their cabins through the company website which features an interactive configurator that allows customers to readily calculate the overall cost of their cabin including foundations, delivery, and installation.

To find out more about intelligent living for your backyard, bach or beyond, visit

To arrange an interview with Craig Pollard, contact:
021 888 187

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