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7 Reasons Why you Need a Business Website - Part 1

By Word2Art Website & Writing Services

7 Reasons Why you Need a Business Website - Part 1

10/20/2017 The digital age has provided exciting ways for small businesses to compete with bigger businesses. And it all starts with a simple, yet compelling small business website.
If you've been undecided about whether having a small business website is a good idea, now is the time to stop wondering and take action. In this series of posts, my aim is to overcome all your objections and convince you that it's time to act. Otherwise, your small business is going to get left behind.
The reasons why you need a small business website are plentiful. If you do have a website, then I have a checklist for you to consider. If your website doesn't tick all the boxes, then you, too, need to take action. Stay tuned for more on this later. For now, here's the first reason why a small business website is essential:

Reason #1: Business Credibility
A 2015 Study by Verisign, found that 86% of consumers prefer a business to have a website instead of a social media page. 77% believe that a website makes a business appear more credible. One final statistic for you (I promise!) - 84% of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page.
Let's face it, long gone are the days of advertising in the Yellow Pages and similar paper directories. If you want your small business to stay relevant and credible, then you need to invest in your own website. After all, if all your competitors have websites and you don't, who do you think potential customers will choose?
Stay tuned for my next post - Reason #2 of the Small Business Website Series.
Sharon Henderson
Word2Art Website & Writing Services

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