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“One Ring” Blank Maker Designs Innovative new Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill

By Watts Solo Chain Sawmill

09/18/2021 Master jeweler, Jens Hansen, who is the official Ringmaker and created all of the One Rings used in the films, finished the blanks and gold plated them. [News Source -] One each of the rings went to London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo where they proved a popular tourist attraction.
CNC Engineering, Ltd. is now earning a sterling reputation as the creator of the only aluminum and stainless-steel Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill that features a light, strong, and highly durable design. The entire sawmill runs on wheels along a ladder, resulting in less effort for the operator and the ability to cut the flitch in a perfectly straight line no matter what surface individuals are pushing over.
The company is well-known for its precision parts and components for a wide range of products that have excellent repeatability. When people perform an online search for “best chain sawmill,” the name Watts typically comes up. The Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill is the only product entirely designed and manufactured by CNC Engineering.
The company offers a full range of solo chainsaw mills to accommodate any need. The line of Watts Solo Chainsaw Mills is available in nine different sizes. Individuals can choose a chain saw mill Australia that takes a chainsaw blade of 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 36, 42, 48 or 60 inches.
The Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill enables individuals to produce straight boards, beams and planks of multiple widths and depths. The spacing rails are adjustable for minimum effort and ease of cutting flitches. Virtually any log can be converted into lumber for construction purposes or even furniture such as tables and benches.
The highly versatile Watts Solo Chainsaw Mill provides convenience and durability in a single tool for transforming raw logs into lumber. The solo chainsaw mill can be moved with a utility vehicle and the devices can easily be transported with a bush plane or helicopter. The type of lumber that can be cut is only limited by the chainsaw being used.
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