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PURITI - Pure Manuka Honey New Zealand

By PURITI - Pure Manuka, Pure Quality

PURITI - Pure Manuka Honey New Zealand

06/24/2019 PURITIis a company built on the philosophy of providing a deliciously pure manukahoney while being honest and transparent about the entire process, from beginning to end. While the main goal is to provide you with pure and unadulterated manuka honey, we want to do so ethically and without misleading our customers regarding any aspect of the production process. We believe that all Manuka honey must be the very best and purest in every respect and the same quality should be available to all consumers, no matter where they are in the world. PURITI Manuka honey defines genuine, defines quality and defines authenticity.

In order to ensure our manuka honey is as pure as it can be, we hold all of our products to higher testing standards than is technically required by the UMF and MGO Manuka honey grading systems. These grading systems were set up to make sure that exported manuka honey is being held to a high standard. At PURITI we think this is great as it falls right in line with our own passion for pure manuka honey. Unfortunately these standards are not required for manuka honey sold within New Zealand. This has allowed some other manuka honey brands to employ somewhat shady tactics in order to deceive customers into thinking they are consuming pure manuka honey, when they actually aren’t.

We are proudly passionate about Manuka honey, and we are equally as protective of the resource. We don’t want this wonderfully naturally occurring treasure to be squandered, undermined or tainted by disingenuous adulteration. There are many imitators out there claiming to be pure manuka honey, when in fact they are a blend of manuka plus a bunch of other honeys and chemicals. Manuka honey is exceptionally rare and genuine Manuka honey is unique to New Zealand. Genuine Manuka honey must be harvested, extracted, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand.

Manuka honey benefits are by far the biggest reason people consume Manuka honey. Pure manuka honey is distinct in taste, colour, and viscosity. The purest New Zealand Manuka honey contains high levels of the compound Methylglyoxal, which is known for its antibacterial properties. It is these high levels of Methylglyoxal that makes Manuka honey suitable for advanced wound care dressings, skin treatments, and premium cosmetics.

Manuka Honey is also a perfect alternative sweetener. This is because it contains fewer calories than sugar whilst providing you with a plethora of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc are all found in manuka honey, along with many more vitamins and minerals. It also contains fast release glucose for a more balanced energy release.

You can purchase our Pure Manuka Honey online or at one of over 100 retailers nationwide.

Not all sparkling wine can be champagne. Not all fish eggs are caviar. Not all cigars can be Cuban, and not all Manuka honey can be PURITI!

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PURITI - Pure Manuka, Pure Quality

PURITI - Pure Manuka, Pure Quality

PURITIis a company built on three things: honesty, transparency, and a passion to create the most pure manuka honey the world has ever tasted. At PURITI we believe that all Manuka honey must be the very best and purest in every respect and the same quality should be available to all consumers, no…

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