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Fastening facts

By Industrial Fastener Imports Ltd t/a BED

Fastening facts

10/26/2010 Bolts, nuts and screws are basic hardware items used in every industry in need of fasteners. From furniture crafting and manufacturing to construction and building, every industrial application needs to use these important tools just to hold everything in place.

Screws, nuts and bolts are fasteners used to mechanically connect things together. A fastener may be defined as a mechanical device that holds two or more components in position. Ever since seeing the result of fastening the axle to the wheel, humans have been using fasteners to make lives easier. Most fasteners have threads as part of their design as can be seen in screws, nuts and bolts. Fasteners are produced primarily from ferrous metals such as alloy steels and carbon; they are available in brass, Stainless Steel and copper. The process of making them involves rods, bars or wires which are cut to length and threaded.

Today we have reached a stage where a nut from one company and a bolt from another can fit perfectly together. They come in standard and Metric sizes for specific applications to fulfil wide variety of industry needs. Stronger, lighter and easy-to-use are some of the obstacles the fastener industry is facing and successfully managing. Laptop computers use these screws, nuts and bolts. Self-locking and self-sealing screws, nuts, bolts and threaded inserts have also become common. The latest challenge that we face in this day and age is of course, to produce environment friendly fasteners which do not use carcinogenic plating such as cadmium.

Custom fasteners are also used in holding all types of building materials together. A good fastener must be sturdy and durable, the right grade, so that they can take the stress it is made for. Titanium is custom made for the airplane industry because it is strong and lightweight. The military also uses customized fasteners and is specified by the government specifications and guidelines for the application.

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Industrial Fastener Imports Ltd t/a BED

Industrial Fastener Imports Ltd t/a BED

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